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Purveyor of Fantasies and Destroyer of Dreams.

Elegantly decedent, curvaceous and uniquely tattooed English Femme Fatale, Disciplinarian to the perverse and lifestyle fetishist.

Highly experienced and sadistically skilled in the art of erotic sensuality, consensual BDSM and fetishistic therapy.

I am Ava Von Medisin.

Personal development consultant, Lifestyle coach and Dominatrix.

Please be aware, I am currently resuming sessions in My Norwich studio.

I am allowing My regular and new submissives who show a genuine interest in Me and My methods of Domination the privilege of attending sessions with Me. I have decided to be strictly exclusive to those that wish to truly serve My lifestyle and fulfil My needs.


My return to session and Covid-19

Due to COVID-19, I have a large backload of various aspects of My work.

I Myself, have been fully vaccinated, My home life and personal circumstances mean that I have little contact with others so I am now requesting that ALL clients and filming subs take a COVID test before visiting My studio or working with Me.

All details can be found on My COVID-19 Test Rules page.

My Rules. 

Once a negative COVID-19 Test has been submitted, then on arrival to My studio, the client will be expected to shower and sanitise their hands, leaving their clothes in the bathroom before a session proceeds. 

The client will provide their own Face-Mask (worn on arrival into the building) and towel.

Hand Sanitiser is at hand on arrival.

There will be NO hand kiss greeting or after session hug until we are virus clear. 

On completion of the session, the client will be asked to shower and use hand sanitiser before leaving the studio. 

These extra precautions will not cut into session time, but it is the clients responsibility to allow themselves at least 10 minutes on either side of their session times to accommodate these changes!

Until such a time when the ‘all-clear” has been given, there will be NO session that involves spitting or sweat worship. I will however be offering Water-Sports.

I wish to keep Myself, My Family and My friends safe in these testing times. I hope you do too? 

If you have been in contact with the virus OR contact with people who have, then you should be following the correct medical procedure and NOT attending a session with a Dominatrix.  

I will NOT accept same-day appointments Under NO circumstances! 

I shall adhere to all current rules and change as necessary.  

These rules also apply to filming subs.

To the best of My ability, the studio and equipment are sanitised as always with hospital-grade

anti-bac before a client arrives and extra time is appointed between sessions to fully clean again!​​​​​​​

ALSO, please read My Rules Page.

I hope you can respect My rules and Our safety for a responsible session.

Thank you. 

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