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Crushing the rebels of The Society part 2

Crushing the rebels of The Society part 2 Sadistic and brutal, Femme-Domme in its finest form...... "These pathetic creatures think they can escape and hide from the society, they think they will be allowed to leave and live out some perverted "equalitarian" lives. But they are so wrong, just as they are wrong in thinking there is any other true society besides the Femdom Society. There is no escape from under the heels of Mistress Ezada, Mistress Ava von Medisin, Mistress Lilse and the Queen of Wolves; the creatures are hunted down by Their trusted hound and recaptured easily. Now the interrogation and punishments may begin, the instigator must be found and punished severely, luckily, the Leather Goddesses are experts of corporal punishment and intimidation and an answer will be extracted one way or the other! This is the first part of this amazing clip, a delightful intro into severe FemDom Society as it was meant to be. Visit the stores of The House Of Sinn sinnclips.com and the Queen of Wolves for the other parts of this movie! A House Of Sinn production in collaboration with Mistress Ava Von Medisin and the Queen of Wolves

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Duration 6:04

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